Monday, July 22, 2013


Back again with a little sentimental share today
this piece is the first time i have created a mixed media project ever
i have used the Molossi chipboard tree
2 canvases
lots of black paint
lots of pink purple blue and silver inka gold
and buttons and bits from my mothers button tin

The story behind the button tin in my family goes back to my mothers teen years in the 40s  lol
mum used to keep all buttons of clothing when it was ready for the rag pile as buttons were rather expensive in the 40s when she was a young teenager this old Arnotts biscuit  tin was used to house her buttons and other findings she kept along the way, then along came my twin brothers in 1957 and through out their child hood they too would collect buttons to add to the huge growing pile was something the boys loved to play in as kids as well, then in 1968 along came me and for as long as i remember this tin was something i treasured . Just the feeling of sitting in the sun digging through a huge tin of treasure was the most fun a kid could have sorting and counting types and colours . I have since had 5 kids of my own and that button tin was always something my kids love when we visited grans place .
I truly dont know what the attraction was with it ...the feel ? the shiny trinkets inside ? or just the thought that there are so many hidden treasures in there ? but what ever it may be this tin has held some fond memories .

So over the weekend i decided to raid that tin one last time and see what i could pull out to create my first mixed media and well the images tell the story ..
hope you like it

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