Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I thought i would drop in here and just let you all know i may be a little mia over the next week ,
On Sunday my 20 year old son Chris was heading home to goulburn after a very wet miserable weekend here at home with us when he became the innocent victim to a gaping big gash in the road left by the RTA which caused him to have a terrible car accident . Thankfully he is ok only come out of it with a sore shoulder but thousands of $$$ in damage to his car .
So after getting over the shock of this and thinking this week would be a good week as the weather finally came good today , i get a phone call from my 18 year old son Drew mum im ok but i hit some pot holes in the road on my way home from kiama and smashed the car in to a tree ...By this point can you imagine how i was feeling i almost passed out with the news . Thankfully  Drew is ok too but his car is also not in a good way . I often wonder if my run of bad luck will ever end ...But at least neither of them were speeding and no one else was involved in the accidents ...
so i may not be around much this week sorting out DR checkups and insurance claims and so forth .
Hugz Eve

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