Thursday, March 31, 2011


WOW i havent had one of these in such a long time
the Gorjuzzzz Ness from scrap with v sent me this
sweet little blog award .
Thanks Ness so much for thinking of me when awarding this
Girls you should all pop over to Ness's blog HERE and have a look
at the work this girls churns out its just divine .

So the rules are:
Thank the person that sent it to you
Tell 7 things about your self
and send to 15 people.

OK 7 things about me
1. I have 5 amazing kids
2. I lurve v8 commodores(lol)
3.I really like spending time just taking photos of anything interesting
4.I love going fishing with my boys .
5. My dog Bella is my best friend
6. I am a choc-a-hollic
7. I love spending special girly time with my one and olny daughter klaire-jayde .

Now sending it to 15 people not sure if i can manage 15 but ill give it a go ...

Annette Gearside
Nicole Knopke
Marelle Jackman
Kim Kendell
Jodi Dolbel
Tiffany Sawyer

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