Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy new year to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on my blog , here is a look back on a year i wish to forget ((except for some bits of it )) ,
the year started out with my son drew in hospital fighting for his life with a staph infection that he picked up in the local river , after some weeks of recovery things started to go back to normal only to have the same son bashed by a 40 year old leaving drew with some mental disabilities .
We cruised through to the middle of the year and everyone in my house became ill with swine flu and as most of you know i was the one who came out the worst with pneumonia and a lung operation .
We had some milestones during the year my eldest son chris was promoted to manager of kmart and he also found himself the most beautiful girlfriend who we all adore .
We sadly lost our fury friend Misty due to a terrible cancer and then we welcomed a new fury member to the family Bella the border collie ...Mason started to talk this year after some months of speech therapy that really took him no where .
Then hubby and i celebrated 8 years of marriage together and a beautiful weekend away to renew our vowes on sydney harbour ...We were thinking this would be the perfect ending to a somewhat shit year of ups and downs ..
But it wasn't going to be this way at all on dec 19 i got the call that all parents dread hubbys son Joshua was in a head on collision with a truck on QLD notorious Bruce highway south of Rockhampton , sadly Joshua passed away in the accident he was only 19 years old and just became a daddy .
So there is my year in review its been a shocking one , who knows why our family have been struck with such horrible happenings but one can only hope for a brighter year ahead .
RIP Joshua John Brown


  1. Oh babe, this year has to be a better one for you all. In fact, I'll just make a wish with this wand that I have here and make sure it will be, just for you....(don't tell Sammi, but I borrowed her wand for a bit..hehehe)!! Now to make the bloody thing work for our family too.......

  2. thanks nick i sure could use a little magic in my life so wave that wand baby

  3. I think most people can relate when we all say Thank F**K 2009 is over!!! It was the year of Hell for most people and I know we are all praying for a better 2010 - So sorry to hear about Alan's Son, no parent should ever have to go through that,
    Take Care

  4. Hi Eve, thanks for your comment on my blog.

    I am so sorry the swine flu caught up with you. I have 5 kids too, and step-children, have been very fortunate not to have had those things happen except speech therapy, very stressful.

    The girlfriend sounds very positive, that is nice, I am pleased for you.

    I can relate to the dog cancer thing. We have been very happy with getting a new puppy.

    All the best for 2010.