Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hi all fellow scrap people well as some of you know i have been extremly sick for the past 5 weeks . I had human swine flu and developed pneumonia with it , i then had a build up of fluid on my lung that required me to go to hospital and have it drained ( very painfull might i add ) but unfortunatly thyere is still a collection of fluid on my lung thats not going anywhere so its test after test and x-rays gallore at present . So this is why i have not blogged and have no scrap work to share as i just have not had the energy to do a thing .
Now as you know i am the owner and founder of the BW2 challenge blog ...well i made the decission last week that it was taking up too much of my time and i just felt that i could no longer look after it so rather than close it i decided to hand it over to someone who would take it to a new level .
That someone is one of the CT team girls my dear friend Kim Kendel , i know Kim will love it as much as i did and nurture it and take it to the next level .
Sadly one of the CT girls Janet has had to step down to fullfill family commitments but steping in to her shoes at BW2 is the talented Kylie Tout ...i want to wish Kylie all the best on her journey with BW2 i am sure she will have a load of fun . I am also back on the CT over there as well so i want to thank Kim for having me on the team ...i feel like i am still a huge part of the blog .
well thats all from me i am sure i will have some scrapping done soon to share ...
Scrapbudz are having a blind scrap tonight in the forum pop in for some fun and a great challenge set by my talented DT girl sammi ...
ok im out of here now ...
cya next time
Eve xxxx